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I love creating bespoke, unique, commission pieces.

You get to choose the sizes you want, colours, technique that appeals to you. Get expert advice from me the artist about wall space, placement, light, technique, colour combinations.

"Eye of the Storm"

100cm x 50cm stretched box canvas. Bespoke colours to the clients home.



100cm x 50cm on stretched box canvas to match the clients colour scheme in their bedroom. This sits beautifully at the bottom of their bed.


This 100cm x 100cm stretched canvas was to go in the clients' newly built hall. It was to sit next to "Beneath the Coral" in the same hall space. The two complimented each other very effectively. 
Arm not included!

"Beneath the Coral"

150cm x 50cm stretched canvas

"Believe in Yourself"

120cm x 120cm stretched box canvas. This was a huge piece for a dining area of a home refurb. The client wanted a centrepiece for their home in blacks, greys with hints of silver and copper

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