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A bit more about me...

My Story

I'm an acrylic fluid artist living and working in Dorset. I've always been a creative, be that musician, sewing, craft, art...I just love all things creative. But when I was introduced to acrylic fluid art I was absolutely sold! It is now my passion and joy and I hope that comes across in the art works that I create.


Living right by the sea and swimming in it most days is a huge inspiration to me. The sea is different every single day, and to observe the colours, textures, shapes, sounds, temperatures and movement of it never ceases to amaze me. I breathe it in and take great solace in it too. My acrylic paint also mirrors the sea...colours, textures, shapes and movement along with a tremendous depth and originality in each piece created. I love that uniqueness, and the aspect of reflection between art and humankind.

As my work has developed, so has the colour palette and I really thrive on the challenge of bespoke commission pieces, based on a clients' colour choices. It makes me expand and move out of my comfort zone and the results have been and continue to be beautiful. Something that I am very grateful for. To see the joy on a clients' face, when my art is up on their wall, in a new forever home, is something that I will always cherish. 

158A9632 crop.jpg

"Kay, you will always now have a place in our home"  It doesn't get much better than that for me as an artist.

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